The Ocean Wise symbol next to a menu item is assurance of an ocean-friendly choice. Learn more about sustainable seafood and download the free Ocean Wise App.

We strive to take an active role in protecting our oceans and local fisheries by promoting sustainable fishing and offering our guests information about the seafood you are about to enjoy.

Our sustainable seafood selections may include: chinook + coho salmon, halibut from Haida Gwaii, line caught pacific cod, our own farm raised trout, red snapper, albacore tuna, dungeness crab, bc spot prawns, salt spring island mussels, vancouver island oysers, manila clams & pacific octopus.


All wild BC salmon is Ocean Wise with the exception of the southcoast. Our fishermen bring us wild salmon from the west coast of Vancouver Island and the north coast. You will find Pink, Sockeye, Chinook and Coho salmon on our menus as they are seasonally and abundantly available.

Suspension farmed oysters from the clean waters of our coast are sustainable and available year round. Oysters and other shellfish grown in the remote and wild Discovery Island and Desolation Sound are provided by our friends at Out Landish Shellfish Guild (a co-op made up of 8 gulf island families) and Hollie Wood Oysters. Ask your server for a copy of our local oyster and southern Vancouver Island food map to learn more.

Suspension farmed mussels are Ocean Wise recommended and are grown by Saltspring Island Mussels in the waters of the Georgia Straight off Salt Spring Island. Learn more about the world’s best mussels and sustainable farming techniques with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

Wild, trap caught Dungeness and Red Rock Crab is a true west coast delicacy. Using pots and traps ensure little bycatch is caused and traps cause minimal habitat damage. Enjoy whole crab in season, or our famous ‘toast’ with Dungeness crab, hand peeled shrimp, basil, sweet pepper romesco and gruyere.

Pacific Halibut is a west coast favourite, enjoyed for it’s lean firm texture and distinctive flavour. A versatile fish that lends itself to many cooking techniques, and is perfectly paired with our seasonal fresh vegetables and herbs from our farm. Treat yourself to our fresh handmade pasta at 10 Acres Kitchen for our seafood Tagliatelle with salmon, halibut, hand peeled shrimp, clams, mussels, octopus and white wine.