What does sustainability mean to us at 10 Acres? Sustainability means being a positive force in our local food community, by choosing locally grown, sustainable ingredients and sourcing from like-minded farmers, food purveyors and fishermen.

Sustainability also means making responsible choices about what products we use and how we deal with waste. We compost everything we can from the restaurants to enrich the soil at our 10 acre farm as well as sharing vegetable waste with our Ossabaw Island hogs. The spent oil from our kitchens is recycled and used as bio-fuel on our farm.

When you dine at a 10 Acres restaurant you’re getting a truly local experience and your food dollars are being re-circulated back into our BC economy.


We compost everything we can from our restaurants. Our farm truck delivers fresh produce from our farm twice weekly and picks up vegetable waste.

Our food waste is cooked into mash for our pigs which is mixed with spent grain from Swan’s Brewpub. Our rare breed pigs are best raised slowly for maxium flavour and meat quality. As we are able to recycle our food waste into good quality animal feed, it doesn’t cost more to raise our pigs slow.

Our efficient compost system ensures a high quality additive to enrich our soil for organic crop production.

By choosing as many seasonal and local products as available, we avoid unneccessary packaging. We recycle everything possible and do our best to minimize inputs.


10 Acres is proud of our role as leader in the ‘Straws Suck’ movement. No plastic straws keep our 10 Acres Farm compost and our oceans, free of polypropylene (made from petrochemicals) that may not decompose for hundreds of years.

*Paper straws are only provided by request.

WHY? Keep our Oceans Clean!

‘Around 20 billion kg. of plastic ends up in the ocean each year, including straws. This plastic breaks down and animals, including the fish we eat, ingest this plastic.’

‘Straws are in the top 10 of marine debris items.’