10 Acres

Farm & Restaurants

4 unique dining locations to choose from, all open for dine-in service. Select from the Bistro, Commons, Pier, & Cafe. To enjoy our at home dining expereince, order now through our online market at www.10AcresMarket.ca

The 10 Acres Experience;
From our farm to your fork.

The twice-weekly harvest from our 10 acres farm is the foundation of our menus – season by season. This matters for you as our guest, enjoying the most nutrient-dense fresh foods, grown right here; but also for our chefs, offering inspiration where it counts – on the plate. Our omnivore approach means nothing is wasted; our soups and stocks are made with bones from our ethically raised farm animals, colourful preserves lines the shelves and our farm fresh flowers bring beauty to your table. Share the harvest with us! Book a table at one of our restaurants, give a gift card to a friend, or apply to work with us.

What we don’t grow & ethically raise on our 10 acre farm in North Saanich on Vancouver Island BC, we proudly source from other like-minded farmers, food purveyors & fishermen. Our local & seasonally inspired menu guarantees that the freshest, often most innovative ingredients are used to prepare your meal.