10 Acres
Farm + Restaurants

 We are Local. We are Sustainable.

We are dedicated to quality, innovative food and friendly, attentive service.

The Food

Local, seasonal & sustainable whenever possible. 

What we don’t grow and ethically raise on our own farm we proudly source from other, like minded farmers + food purveyors. Our local partnerships are truly meaningful to us from where we source ingredients to the wines we offer on our wine lists. 


Our menus are inspired by the ebbs and flows of our changing seasons. Whenever possible we utilize the very ingredients we grow at our 10 Acres Farm.


The Bistro Restaurant

The Farm

10 Acres Farm

We know where it grows.

We know where it grows, because we grow it right here at our 10 Acres Farm. We strive to showcase local ingredients by utilizing our own seasonal crops from the farm at our 4 dining locations & by sourcing from local producers whenever possible.

We are inspired to grow a range of different foods at 10 Acres Farm – some familiar, some new, always unique and nutritious. Our vegetables are mainly grown from heirloom seeds and are selected for their outstanding flavours and nutrient value, their suitability to our West Coast climate, and their visual appeal. When possible, we source from small Canadian seed businesses, from varieties that have passed through family generations.

All animals on the farm are grass pastured; this diet is supplemented with non GMO feed, spent grains from Swan’s Brewpub and cooked vegetable scraps from the kitchens at 10 Acres Bistro, Pier, & Commons.

The Restaurants

Downtown Victoria

Choose from the Bistro or Commons in downtown Victoria. The Bistro is located on 611 Courtney Street across from the Magnolia Hotel. The Bistro offers a cozy, but comfortable atmosphere where you can enjoy the rustic comforts of a true seasonal farm to table expereince.

The Commons is located on 620 Humboldt Street, on the corner across from the Empress Hotel. The Commons offers a more lively dining experience with patio views that soak in the inner harbour and the historic Parliament building.


Sidney by the Sea

Choose from the Cafe & Market, & the Pier in the seaside town of Sidney. The Cafe & Market is located on 9805 Seaport Place inside the Pier Hotel.  The Cafe & Market offers our house baked and house made casual cafe couisine, as well as local draught beer, wine & cocktails.

The Pier is located on 2538 Beacon Ave near the Salish Sea with views of the Gulf Islands, San Juan Islands and Mount Baker. The Pier offers farm to table freshness with a twist, while you soak in the oceanview in a cozy yet relaxed atmosphere.